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Webtoon Webcomic Contest

By December 29, 2014News, Uncategorized

Freedom Through A Webcomic

Ace Crow

Ace Crow

So I am not much of a fan of contests. Mainly because I have scarred childhood that involved many submissions to the Publisher’s Clearing House without one single knock on the door. No balloons, no confetti, no visit from Ed McMahon, just yearly disappointment and magazines that my parents never wanted. My dreams of buying my own spaceship¬†dashed because some other guy much older than me got that big paper check. I can still taste the glue on my tongue from all those magazine stamps that came with the submission form.

This time will be different

Thanks to a good friend and former colleague, I found this webcomic contest and decided to join at the last minute. So, since I have an over-abundance of webcomic strips to choose from (most of which have to be re-posted to this site) I decided to enter with some of my favorite work.

Maybe I didn’t get that awesome payoff way back when. Maybe I didn’t get to buy my personal island or jet. Maybe I wasn’t able to live off yearly payoff’s from Publisher’s Clearinghouse and feed off Doritos for the rest of my life. But, all that can change through the power of: WEBCOMICS!

But I need your help


Just go to this link (above) and vote on my comic if you so desire.¬†You will have to sign in with either a Twitter or Facebook account to vote (Sorry, not my rules). And, I’m not sure what they do after they access your account, but it can’t be any worse than having a yahoo email account that is over spammed anyway right? (Come on Yahoo get your stuff together).

Thanks for your support (Man I feel like a politician…and I don’t like it)


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